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    You’ve heard me rave on about Anatolian Shepherds a lot on the blog, it’s easy to say they are a breed I feel strongly about and absolutly adore. I’m lucky that Melbourne has a pretty amazing community surrounding these dogs and on Tuesday I went and helped out on the Takas Volkodav property. By help out I mean, play with all the animals. This is Geronimo, he’s HUGE! It takes a lot to make me feel small and standing next to him, well, I felt pretty small! There is a picture where his head is in front of my body and it’s pretty much the size of my torso. He was absolutely stunning and so friendly! I fed him a hay brick and then some bread from my hand! It’s true, I turn into an excited 7-year-old around animals. PUPPIES! I’d never actually met any Anatolian puppies before, so it was a lot of fun getting to baby sit them! They are crazy cute little terrors who tried to eat all my clothes and hair. I’m not sure of their exact age but they were born in October. This is Sunny, who nearly bowled me over with her beauty and her […]

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  • 01/20/17--02:45: VLOG – 2016 Anatolian Show
  • Oh hey! Sorry about the lack of updates this year, between my mental health and my foot (I’m back in my boot again) I’ve just been lacking in any inspiration. Sorry! I also decided this year to focus more on quality over quantity. I did, however, decide to piece together some video footage from last years Anatolian show to share! I think you already know how much I love and adore this breed, but I thought this was a great way to show you a bit more of what they are like!

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    Yesterday was a big day for me, but a brilliant one and I am so glad I pushed myself to do it all. In the early afternoon I went and visited my psych and then in the evening, my friend Mallory invited me to a concert. Now, that may not seem like much for most people, but it’s a lot for me. I ended up spending just over 4 hours on public transport. Oh, and the temperature reached 38°c. The concert was a mishmash of early 2000 British music acts, so basically music I LOVED! In my early teens I loved British pop music and would buy Top of the Pops mags all the time. Of course, you probably know 5ive was my one true music love, but I adored so many artists the UK produced. The first act was Liberty X, who I didn’t know much about, but I knew most of the songs once they got into it. It was a really great start with a lot of funky catchy music that had you grooving along. Gosh does that sentence make me sound old! Funky, groovy! East 17! Oh man, they were SO fun to watch! I remember […]

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    Trigger Warning – This post talks about Mental Health, Suicide, Self Harming and other similar topics. Like so many other people, I was drawn into the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why“, based on the book by the same name. I binge watched the 13 episode series over 2 days and was warned by multiple people not to watch the last episode alone. I’ve seen a few facebook/twitter posts and read a few articles and I just wanted to touch on a few things. Share my opinion and my story. Going into the TV show, I knew the basic premise. That it dealt with a suicide and high school students. Even if you didn’t know that before watching, you pick it up pretty quickly. The following episodes focus on Clay listening to a series of tapes left by Hannah explaining the downward spiral that led to her suicide. It’s raw and rough to watch, but relatable. I am forever thankful I went to high school in a time before most social media took off. For me, it was emails and ICQ. High school was still a horrible experience for me, but I can only imagine how much worse it could have […]

    The post Mental Health – My thoughts on 13 Reasons Why appeared first on XL as life!.

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  • 05/15/17--00:41: Goodbye Tonka
  • This is so hard to write. So so so hard. Last night, on Mothers Day, I made the hard decision to have my little man put to sleep. It was heartbreaking, and to say I’m absolutely gutted is an understatement. 12/08/2010 – 14/05/2017 If you follow the blog on facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that Tonka has been unwell. Just over a month ago, we took him for some tests as he was losing weight and vomiting more than normal. We were thinking maybe thyroid issues or diabetes. What it confirmed was unexpected. Kidney disease. He spent a few days at the vets, on fluids, started on a new diet and medication. The fluids helped a bit, but after a long talk with our vet, the hard truth was that she suspected that if he lasted 6 months, he’d be lucky. He was still acting like his normal self and we decided we’d just make the rest of his life super happy. The rate at which he deteriorated was drastic. We only found out a month ago and with how he was, we were optimistic that we’d get those 6 months. Even until his last day he was eating SO much. Sadly, over […]

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    So, you may have noticed some changes around these parts, a re-branding, a new name. Yep, I’ve changed Extra Large as Life to Natatree. June 6th marks the 16th year of my blogging journey. Yes, that means I’ve been blogging more years of my life than I haven’t. Crazy huh!? I’ve been blogging here as Extra Large as Life for 8 years, and it was a big decision to change that. Why have I changed it? I just needed a change, I felt XLasLife was a bit constricting, that I had grown out of it, that it wasn’t so much ‘ME’ anymore. Why Natatree? Well, it’s a name that most people already associate with me, it’s a nickname I’ve had for close to 18 years. It’s me, and that’s mainly what this blog is about. Me, my life, my journey, my love of fashion, plus size fashion. My first ever blog post. Will the content here change? I don’t know, probably. I want to talk more about important things, get back into sharing more personal posts. I want to share more about local fashion and designers. I want to talk more about plus size fashion, push more for fashion for […]

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    On Wednesday the 7th I celebrated my 31st year of life! Yep, it was my birthday! Originally, I had a trip to Tasmania planned, but as Tonka got sick, I decided to cancel it. One, because I expected him to still be alive and didn’t want to hassle anyone with looking after a cat who had to have a special diet and tablets he hated to take. Two, because the money saved for the holiday went to his vet bills. It was a bit of a sad week, just knowing Tonka isn’t with me, and that I’m not exploring Hobart. It was brightened by a new kitty family member though. More to come on her soon! How did I celebrate? With food of course! The day started out with a routine house inspection from the real estate (who can I just take a moment to say, I LOVE!). Then I headed out to the city. Oh Melbourne, you really hold my heart. I swear, every time I visit the city I find new and interesting laneways. Hidden treasures everywhere. I always end up taking a few snaps when I’m walking around. I had lunch at RuYi. A modern Chinese restaurant. […]

    The post This is 31! Happy birthday to me! appeared first on natatree.

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    Dear Mr Frodo, Today marks 4 years since I last held you in my arms. 4 years since I last petted you, since you licked my tears away. It feels like yesterday, yet it feels like 10 years ago. I miss you so much, but it has become easier. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but it makes them bearable. The main difference now is Tonky is with you. I don’t really believe in life after death for humans, but for some reason, the thought of you and Tonka being over the rainbow bridge together comforts me. Hopefully, Bayley, Emily, Betsy, Prince, King, Billy and all my other babies (and fur siblings) are living it up with you somewhere. Thinking that you’d be waiting for Tonka helped make his loss easier. I felt that with losing Tonka I’d lost my last thread to you. I didn’t though, you will always be in my heart and soul. I still thank you so much for everything you did for me, and still do. My mental health still isn’t the greatest and I actually found myself curled up hugging your urn many months ago. Probably a bit creepy, but when my head is bad the old […]

    The post Dear Mr Frodo. Four years on. appeared first on natatree.

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